Judy G.

conditions thyroid, gut dysbiosis

I was just unable to loose weight. Monica was very thorough uncovering thyroid imbalance and gut dysbiosis. I feel less bloated, have a better mood, my family is eating healthier, lost those persistent pounds and more importantly I feel refreshed and energized to get on with my life.

Sara O.

conditions binge eating, PCOS, adrenal fatigue

Monica helped me with binge eating and stress related to my long work hours in investment banking. She addressed a hormonal condition I was experiencing. I have a much better work-life balance, stress resilience, and passion for healthy eating and cooking.

Anne G.

conditions emotional eating, food intolerance

Experienced weight loss, better mental alertness, and more balanced emotions. Energy levels are improved and general demeanour is much more positive. Skin is clearer. Monica does more than run through food groups, a diet, recommended exercise, calories and kilos, she listens to wider eating concerns and identifies any bad habits that I may have had a history of and any issues that may be contributing to my inability to lose weight.